New Report Released on Methodologies for Measuring Environmental Efficiency Metrics for Data Centres

GreenDataNet team participated to the evaluation of the methodologies to measure and verify the new and existing Key Performance Indicators in a Data Center.

The report is accessible in the EU Commission website on this link


Presentation interim results GreenDataNet for the European Commission

January 27th. Partners buoyed by positive outcome of European Commission review

The European Commission has completed its second year review of the GreenDataNet project, announcing that all expected deliverables have been met. The review reported significant progress in several areas including data centre modelling and energy forecasting, and the integration of photovoltaics.

The project has one more year to run, at which time Eaton and its partners hope to test a smart energy management system within an operational data centre.

GreenDataNet is a collaborative project led by power management company Eaton that aims to reduce the environmental impact of data centres. The project will ultimately lead to the development of a smart energy management system integrating algorithms that will predict how much energy will be produced by photovoltaics, energy storage and efficient heat reuse; and how much energy will be consumed by the data centre.

The information this provides will then be used to both run algorithms that will enable virtual machines to better spread, and ultimately reduce, the workload between multiple data centres or inside a single data centre, and decide to store energy in second-life electrical batteries or use it. 

Nissan and Eaton broaden xStorage residential energy storage portfolio as pre-orders commence in Europe

30 November 2016: As a result of cooperation during the GreenDataNet project, Nissan and Eaton announce energy storage solutions.

For more information on the system visit and read here.

GreenDataNet presented an Energy Storage and Control Center at COP21

8th December: As the result of one of the tasks of the GreenDataNet project, EATON and Nissan presented the Energy Storage and Control Center at COP21.

For more information on how the system can help make Urban Data Center more environmentally-friendly watch the video  

GreenDataNet will be at DCD Frankfurt on Nov. 10th

DataCenterDynamics Frankfurt November 10th 2014:
Fabrice Roudet (Eaton), and Marcel Ledergerber of Credit Suisse. Project presentation and focus on power measurement solution to use power infrastructure closer to the limits.

Presentation available here.

Meeting the hidden cost of IT

GreenDataNet project is supporting sustainable integration of urban Data Centres.

Learn more in this link

GreenDataNet will be at Nordic Digital Business Summit in Helsinki on September 24

Francisco Carranza, Head of New Business Development at Nissan Europe will speak at Nordic Digital Business Summit in Helsinki on September 24.

Presentation available here

GreenDataNet will be at IT Room INFRA on November 6th in the Netherlands

IT Room Infra Den Bosch, The Netherlands, November 6th 2014
Norbert Engbers (ICTroom) and Eric Taen (ICTroom). Project presentation and the connection towards the use of wind/solar energy within the project.

Presentation available here

GreenDataNet will be at Data World in Frankfurt on Oct. 28th

Data Centre World Germany Frankfurt October 28th 2014:
Fabrice Roudet (Eaton), and Eric Taen (ICTroom). Project presentation available here

GreenDataNet will be at DCD Paris on Oct. 6th

DataCenterDynamics Paris October 6th 2014:

Stéphane Levillain (Eaton), and Francisco Carrenza (Nissan). Project presentation and focus on the opportunities generated by the use of electric vehicle batteries in data centers.

GreenDataNet in the media spotlight

The consortium has secured an impressive range of media coverage this year, which includes:

Computer Weekly - EU project aims to boost urban datacentres

Interview with Cyrille Brisson, Eaton's vice-President for power quality, explaining how Green Data Net is a network of initiatives looking at how European datacentres can become less of a power hog over the next three years. Read here.

BBC News - Car batteries to keep Europe's data flowing

Article on Green Data Net's research into using both hardware and software to do a better job of getting power from where it is generated to the datacentres where it is needed using partially degraded car batteries as a store. Read here.

Computer Business Review - How Europe is turning data centres green 

Feature on how The Europe Commission is funding more environmentally friendly datacentres by awarding Green Data Net with 2.9 million Euros. Read here.

Download our full coverage report here

Consortium launches three-year project to boost energy efficiency of urban data centers

Morges, Switzerland -- 13/03/14 -- The European Commission has awarded a ¤2.9m grant to a consortium of manufacturers, users, and academics to develop new technologies to build smarter, more energy-efficient data centers.


The GreenDataNet project is led by power management company Eaton, working together with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), Nissan, ICTroom, Credit Suisse, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), and the University of Trento (UNITN).

The GreenDataNet project will develop state-of-the-art technologies that will allow urban data centers to reach 80% of renewable power use and decrease their average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) from an average of 1.6-2.0 today to less than 1.3. GreenDataNet will enable energy monitoring and optimization of IT, power, cooling and storage at three levels: servers and racks, individual data centers and networks of data centers.


To further reduce the need for grid power, GreenDataNet will also work on the integration of local photovoltaic energy in combination with an innovative, large-scale storage solution that will facilitate the integration of data centers into smart grids. Within this project, second-life electric vehicle Li-ion batteries will be investigated as a more advantageous solution for data centers to become actual smart grid nodes.


The whole solution will be implemented on an open-source platform to allow third parties to provide additional optimization modules and ensure the long-term sustainability of the project. Three demonstration sites will be utilized to test and validate the GreenDataNet concept: a data center operated by Credit Suisse in Switzerland, a data center at CEA in France that includes a large photovoltaic area and a smart grid test platform and a pilot site in the Netherlands that is being used by a Dutch consortium working on Green IT technologies.


Based on the project outcome, GreenDataNet will release guidelines to help make data centers more sustainable in the future.

"The intention of GreenDataNet is to make it easier to design data centers that balance rising demand for their services with sustainable energy policies," said Cyrille Brisson, Vice President EMEA for Power Quality at Eaton, which leads the consortium.


"We aim to achieve three things with this project: create significant efficiency gains for data centers and overall environmental benefits, demonstrate networks of data centers running on renewable energy and finally, create new market opportunities for data centers that can use, and store and share renewable energy."


"The growth of data centers has leapt in recent times, and the responsible thing for users, manufacturers and academics to do is to make sure that use is as efficient and sustainable as possible," said Eaton's Brisson. "This project will look beyond the immediate needs of data center operators to the collective savings and opportunities that interconnected data centers and urban grids provide - not just to the industry, but to the community as a whole."