About EFPL

EPFL was founded in 1969. In its four decades of existence, it has established itself among the world’s best institutions – in 2009, EPFL was ranked first in Europe and 15th worldwide in the Shanghai ranking of engineering, technology and computer science. The past ten years, in particular, have been a period of remarkable growth and development, attracting students and scientists fromaround the world. Recently, the Times Higher Education Supplement rated EPFL among the world’s most international campuses. Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, surrounded by the majestic summits of the Alps, the EPFL campus is an idyllic spot where 7000 students and 3000 staff come together to study and work on the most exciting scientific and technological challenges of our time.

The EcoCloud Center, a world leader in sustainable cloud computing technologies at EPFL, will provide its expertise on system-level design and energy management approaches for next-generation server architectures and energy-efficient data centers.


GreenDataNet activities

EPFL will be leading two important activities within the project:
1. Defining the most appropriate computing server and software architectures which can lead to the most energy-efficient data center design.
2. Developing the software management system for servers and groups of racks which will optimise power consumption of the overall system, i.e. power consumed by IT infrastructure as well as cooling power.