About ICTroom

ICTroom is a leading, specialized data center consulting and construction company. We have proven to achieve highly reliable and green data centers and computer rooms. We support organizations in designing, building, managing and financing their data centers.

ICTroom serves a clientele of national and international companies, businesses and organizations for whom we secure IT performance by creating a data center infrastructure in which maximum availability and security is guaranteed. Sustainability and business agility are standard components in our approach and designs.

The base of our success is formed by combining our high level of data center knowledge with the best technology. With our pragmatic approach and our total concept for Data Center Facility Infrastructure projects, consisting of a unique combination of advice, products and services, we distinguish ourselves within the critical datacenter sector.

ICTroom is actively involved in various partnerships and consortia in relation to Energy Efficient data centres like Endorser of Code of Conduct on Data Centers (in progress), The Green Grid, The Uptime Institute, Green-IT Consortium Amsterdam Region, and standardisation bodies like NEN and CENELEC.

GreenDataNet activities

ICTroom will employ its knowledge and experience of energy efficient data centers into several WPs (Work Packages) of the project. ICTroom will be leader of WP1 and WP4, and will ensure the link to the actual common practice and assumptions in the landscape of data centers. The partner will contribute to the specification of urban data centers and design specifications of data center models and software models, including the monitoring and management of energy flows optimization. Finally, ICTroom will be involved in the demonstration and validation Work Package, which will deploy the project innovations in real data centers, as it is the company’s core business to design and build these critical environments.

Expected benefits

Enhancing collaboration with top research organizations for scientific cooperation and student internships; leveraging the scientific expertise of research partners for renewable integration and prediction of key data center parameters; developing new models for energy efficient data centers aiming at lower environmental footprints; exceptional possibility to test and evaluate new developments in reduction of energy and the new (reversed) concept of data following the energy, via the smart grid.

Previous experience

ICTroom is involved in various partnerships and consortia in relation to energy efficient data centers: Endorser of Code of Conduct on Data Centres (in progress), Agentschap NL (Dutch Sustainable Procurement Program, commissioned by the responsible Ministry VROM), MJA3 agreement (between the government and ICT market parties which strive for a focused carbon emission reduction), The Green Grid (reduction of the power consumption of data centers), Green-IT Consortium, Amsterdam Region (realize substantial energy savings in the IT sector), NEN and CENELEC (Dutch and European standardisation bodies, active involvement in defining the new standard for data centers).