The GreenDataNet project is working to reduce the environmental impact of the data explosion

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The increase in mobile device use, media streaming and the exponential growth of internet connected devices has all fuelled unparalleled growth in the data center industry – but with it comes increasingly unsustainable levels of energy use. Indeed, data centers represent a significant and growing share of all ICT-related emissions.

The contribution of data centers to European electricity consumption is estimated between 2 and 2.5% and it is rising faster than any other industry. With an annual growth of 10 to 15%, the electricity consumption of data centers is likely to double within the next five years. A growing number of regional, medium-sized data centers are being built close to users in urban areas. As computing power increases, innovation is urgently required to bring down its corresponding demands on electrical power.

This is a huge engineering and technological challenge that can only be overcome through open innovation and collaboration between industry and leading academic institutions. This is why the GreenDataNet project was instigated.

The GreenDataNet Project aims to blunt the impact of the data explosion on the energy economy.

The Consortium is keen to collaborate with other efforts in this area, and gather constructive feedback on our research and development. If you would like to find out more about the project, or contribute your views or findings, please refer to our contacts page.